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NLR 多軸式 動態模擬器 賽車 飛行適用 / 僅PC使用 / 台灣公司代理 一年保固 / NEXT LEVEL RACING

TWD $488,000

TWD $352,800

預計:2021/11 出貨


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** 商品於「電玩國度 西門店」展示 **


。NLR Motion Platform V3 多軸式動態模擬器

。NLR Traction Plus Motion platform  賽車座駕橫向G力牽引系統

。NLR GTtrack Cockpit 賽車架 (商品重量:48Kg)





Next Level Racing Traction + Motion Platform提供了突破性的真實感,並為仿真技術樹立了新的基準。

結合Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3,新的滑動系統將賽車和飛行模擬器愛好者帶入了虛擬現實的下一層次,再次填補了模擬和現實生活之間的空白斷層。該系統可以提供前所未有的令人驚嘆的性能,從而產生偏移和側向G力推力,轉向不足,牽引力損失和過度轉向。

Traction + Motion Platform本身就是一款令人難以置信的產品,但與已經熟悉的Motion Platform V3相結合,它可以做得更多。然後添加滾動和俯仰運動,可以非常真實的模擬賽車運動或飛行模擬。 Traction +系統不會取代V3,而是對它進行補充。

與Motion Platform V3一樣,Traction + Motion Platform的設計,構造和製造均來自歐洲,為用戶提供了極致的可靠性和耐用性。 Traction +系統與全新且極其堅固的Next Level Racing GTtrack賽車架完美契合,將賽車提升到新的水平 - Next Level Racing。

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The Next Level Racing Traction + Motion Platform delivers groundbreaking realism and sets a new benchmark in simulation technology.

Combined with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3, the new sliding system brings racing and flight simulator enthusiasts to the next level of immersion in virtual reality, once again filling the gap between simulation and real life. The system can deliver yaw and side thrust, understeer, traction loss and oversteer in a breathtaking performance that has never been seen before.

The Traction + Motion Platform itself is an incredible product but in combination with the already familiar Motion Platform V3 it can do even more. Then roll and pitch movements are added, which simulate the real forces in a race car or plane very realistic. The Traction + system does not replace the V3, but complements it.

Just like the V3, the design, construction and manufacturing of the Traction + Motion Platform come from Europe to give users the ultimate in reliability and durability. The Traction + system fits perfectly with the brand new and extremely rugged Next Level Racing GTtrack Simulator Cockpit to take racing to the next level - Next Level Racing.

  • Adaptable to third-party cockpits.
  • Can be operated as a stand alone simulation platform or combined with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3.
  • Provides yaw, pendulum and understeer movements, traction loss and power slides and with the V3 additional lateral and longitudinal forces, rolling, pitching and partial lifting of the seat.
  • Complete with professional software that supports all current racing and flight titles on the Windows PC.
  • Total payload of the slider system up to 245 kg including cockpit and electronics (permissible payload of the motion platform 130 kg incl. Seat).